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Call us: 07956954346

     Book now 3hrs recording £89

Langley Recording Studio is an acoustically treated studio in Langley, Berkshire. Great for tracking drums to vocals!


It is an ideal studio for singer/songwriters, vocalists and bands looking to record a demo or add vocals to a track or record and arrange a full production from scratch.


We have two inhouse producers/engineers who are friendly, experienced and ready to help with your musical needs.


We are open weekdays, weeknights and weekends.


Why not try our 'Star for a day' packages. See our prices for more info.

Music School


We also have a professional music school on site. Catering for small classes and individual lessons for guitar and drums, private one to one lessons for piano and singing (all styles opera to metal). 

Please call 07956 954346 for details.

Rehearsal studio...ideal for individuals, duos...a warm, comfortable, soundproofed space for creativity.  £10 per hour.  

Phone 07956 954346 for bookings.

Voice over recording undertaken:

Legal evidence, testimonies, wills, legacies, etc.

Short statements to epic dialogues!

Please call for details.

07956 954346

Vox Guitars

Custom built Vox phantom, Teardrop and basses. A selection of these fine instruments always available from £850. Please call for stock list and further info: 07956954346.

Now Available!!!


Piano Rehearsal Room £10 per hour

Drum Rehearsal Room £10 per hour

Please call for further info: 07956954346.

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